The Basketball Club of Woodinville is a booster club for the High School program and operates a Select/AAU feeder program for boys in grades 4-8 that live in the Woodinville high school attendance area


If you are planning on trying out for the Woodinville HS boys basketball team this year, please read this entire page.  It is long, but has important information that you need to know about in advance of the first day of tryouts on November 14th:

-          Registration at the School

-          Volunteering at the Falcon Classic

-          BCW Fee and Fundraising Opportunities

-          Discounted Shoes from Eastbay

-          Preliminary High School Varsity Schedule

-          Corporate Matching Programs for donations to non-profit organizations



Is your student interested in turning out for a winter sport? Online registration for winter sports opens on October 1. Winter sports include gymnastics (starts 11/7), men's and women's basketball, men's swim/dive and wrestling (starts 11/14). Please click REGISTER FOR SPORTS and follow the instructions to register through FamilyID which is a secure registration platform. Both parent AND student electronic signatures are required. Your student's registration needs to be completed by Monday, October 31. Registration will remain open, but there may not be time to approve your student for the first day of practice/tryouts after this date. Sports physicals are good for two years and must be good through the post season dates set by the WIAA for that sport. Please contact  in the Athletic Department if you have any questions or need to check an expiration


The Basketball Club of Woodinville (BCW) is a non-profit, volunteer run organization that both runs a youth feeder program and provides wide-ranging, year-round support to the high school program – during the off-season we offer leagues, tournaments, and other development opportunities.  During the season we provide operational support to the coaching staff to fill gaps in areas not covered by the school district.



Our major fundraiser support these for the year is operating the Falcon Classic basketball tournament for youth teams in grades 4-8.  This year the tournament will be held November 4th – 6th at Woodinville HS and other area gyms.


As with prior years, we encourage everyone who is trying out for the high school teams to work at the Falcon Classic - preferably as a scorekeeper or timekeeper for the games.   While contributing their time and effort at the tournament, players have the opportunity to retire part of their BCW player fee OR apply hours worked against community service requirements for National Honor Society.


Please plan you player’s schedule appropriately to afford for some time to participate during the Falcon Classic weekend.  We will publish volunteer sign-ups online by the middle of October.



The fees paid to the Northshore School District cover only the basic costs of running a high school sports program.   There is an additional fee to cover costs associated with the high school boys basketball season that is paid to the BCW that we expect to be about $400.  The majority of this fee covers gear that the players keep, but it also covers things like the Hudl game film analysis program, equipment, tournament and travel costs, team building activities, game photography, and the end-of-season banquet.


The gear that the players will receive this year includes a Nike sweatsuit, Nike Dri-fit practice jersey and shorts, and 2 Nike Dri-fit shirts (one long sleeve and one short sleeve).


To help defray the cost of the BCW player fee we are offering 2 fundraising opportunities – working at the Falcon Classic and selling ads in the High School game program.   Please note - these fundraising opportunities are made available by the Basketball Club of Woodinville (BCW), not the school district.   As such, participation in these opportunities is not required and participation (or lack thereof) in other activities provided by BCW does not impact the selection process for the WHS boys basketball teams.   If funds are raised and a player is not selected for a team, those funds are not refunded and are contributed to the general operating budget of the BCW. 



Working at Falcon Classic

For each hour a PLAYER works at the Falcon Classic he can choose one of the following options:

1.       Have the hour(s) apply to the community service requirement for National Honor Society.

2.       Receive a 3% discount coupon off the player fee for each hour worked.    For example, at a $400 player fee, a player who worked 5 hours at the Falcon Classic would receive a coupon for a 15% discount coupon on the player fee. These coupons have no cash value.

Ad Sales for the Game Program

For High School players that sell ads in the game program they get a dollar-for-dollar credit against their BCW player fee.  For example if they sell a $250 ad, they will receive a $250 credit against their player fee.  ​


More details of the advertising sales program will be distributed shortly and will be posted on our website here.  If you have questions, or if you plan to re-sell an ad to an advertiser you have worked with in the past, please contact Bridget Dick ( ) who has volunteered to run our ad sales program this year.



We are working with Eastbay to provide discounts of 25%-40% for WHS players on select basketball shoes.   You can see the selection and order here. 



A preliminary Varsity game schedule has been posted on the KingCo website.  You should expect that a preseason jamboree and 2 additional non-conference games will be added to the schedule starting as early as November 26th.

That website does not have the schedule for the tournament over Winter Break.   The tournament schedule is available here.   As of Oct 10th, the potential schedule for Woodinville is as follows:

  • Mon Dec 26th, 5:30PM vs Todd Beamer HS
  • Tues Dec 27th,  If win on 26th then the game is at 7:30PM.  If lose on the 26th, then the game is at 4:00PM
  • Weds Dec 28th, TBD based on performance, potential game times are
    • 12:30PM 7th & 8th Place game
    • 2:00PM 5th & 6th Place game
    • 4:00PM 3rd & 4th Place game
    • 7:00PM Championship game



Many of you work for companies that provide matching funds for donations to non-profit organizations.  The Basketball Club of Woodinville is a non-profit, 501c3 organization, and any donations you make to the club are eligible for corporate matching.    In addition to reducing the costs of our programs and funding scholarships,  we have leveraged these donations for larger, infrequent expenditures.  In the past year this has included new game uniforms, covering travel costs for the coaching staff to the holiday tournament, and a contribution to the purchase of the new scoreboard that the school purchased as part of the gym remodel.