The Basketball Club of Woodinville is a booster club for the High School program and operates a Select/AAU feeder program for boys in grades 4-8 that live in the Woodinville high school attendance area


Congratulations to the following players for their selection to play for Woodinville High School for the 2015-16 season. 


An update to this roster will be posted at a later date to accommodate football players and injured players who could not participate in tryouts.  If you are one of those players, please stay in touch with Coach Folsom.


ALL players should report to practice at WHS at 5pm - 7pm Friday November 19th.

The Team Building event will take place on Saturday from 8am - 6pm, details will be sent out tomorrow

Team pictures will be held at WHS on Sunday from 2pm - 3:30pm



  1. Omar Ahmad
  2. Kyle Cooper
  3. Jesse Davis
  4. Edin Demiri
  5. Micah Johnson
  6. Taylor Merry
  7. Tony Miller
  8. AJ Schramm
  9. Ethan Tarbet



  1. Jay Bingcang
  2. Nick DeSantis
  3. Zack McCallum
  4. Andrew Ng
  5. Slade Roberts
  6. Luke Roth
  7. Spencer Wright
  8. Landon Young
  9. Quentin Young



  1. Luke Asher
  2. Ethan Chan
  3. D'Ante Carrol
  4. Grant Chou
  5. Trevor Davidson
  6. Jared Gee
  7. Matthew Johnson
  8. Trey Johnson
  9. Dylan Lewis
  10. Jackson Messmer
  11. Evan Riseland
  12. John Snedaker
  13. Ty Wyrick